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Non- Vegiterian Pickle


This is a delicious goat meat pickle with no artificial preservatives which is spicy and sour in taste. It can be eaten as a tasty snack and is also delicious with rice, bread beaten rice or crackers.

Ingredients: mutton, onions, garlic, ginger, red chili powder, meat spices, salt, lemon, juice, soybean oil.

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This chicken pickle has the perfect balance the sour and the spicy taste. It contains no added preservatives and can be accompany any meal of rice, beaten rice, flat bread, crackers or potatoes or straight from the bottle as a tasty instant snack.



This is meat pickle made from the flesh of wild boar and has a spicy and sour taste. It is succulent with beaten rice, rice, bread or crackers but can also be eaten off the bottle as a tasty instant snack. It has no added preservatives which might create health hazards.

Ingredients: wild board meat, chili powder, salt, mustard powder, spices, oil, vinegar, asafetida.


The buff meat pickle has a perfect balance of spices, salt chilly and sour which makes it very appetizing as a starter. It's also delicious with rice, bread, beaten rice, potatoes and crackers.

Ingredients: Buff meat, onions, garlic, ginger, chili powder, lemon juice, mustard seed, ground, spices, soya bean oil and salt.


This is a special recipe created by NAVARAS to emphasize the taste of prawn in the pickle. The Prawn Pickle has a mixture of spices, salt, sour, garlic and chilly combination that will delight your taste buds when eaten with any meal specially beaten rice.

Ingrdients: Prawn, garlic, chili powder, spices, salt, citric acid.


Gundruk is fermented and dehydrated green leafy vegetable which has a special flavor and sour taste. Gundruk and fish pickle is an interesting combination of sour gundruk, fish and spices that will bring a nice twist to meals and snacks.

Ingredients: Gundruk, fish, garlic, spices, chili, salt, citric acid.